Art & Wine in Sauternes: A Good Excuse to Head South

Golden Treasure from Château Filhot

Many of us have had the occasion to enjoy Sauternes wines, those golden, silky, aromatic wines from the Left Bank, but few of us have had the opportunity – or the excuse- to visit the region.

Well the time is now.  Beginning on Saturday the 17th of March until May 8th, three of the top Châteaus in the Sauternes region of France are opening their doors to present a special art exposition. Château Giraud, Château d’Arche and Château Filhot have collaborated with artist Cathy Schein to create ‘murmures’, an exposition inspired by the wines of each wine producer.


The Châteaus are open each day to receive visitors. Special guided visits, with the artist Cathy Schein, are available on the weekends and include tastings of each Chateau’s top wines.

I was fortunate to visit the Châteaus and meet the artist this weekend.


Here is a short video.  Watch in full screen for the best results.

If you are unable to make the trek South of Bordeaux (or from wherever you are) visit the websites of each Château to see the best way to enjoy Sauternes at your home, some of their food pairings may surprise you!

For information and reservations visit Cathy Schein’s website